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Politics or treason?

When and where is the line between “just being a politician” and being a traitor?

The instant a politician decides that accepting “donations” or “gifts” in return for using their influence, it really seems to me that they’ve crossed the line from serving the people who elected them to something a little more evil and a LOT more sleazy than working for an enemy of the United States.  They’ve sold out the people of this nation not for any ideal – but just to make a profit.

IMO, the very least consequence that they should face is immediate termination from public service coupled with automatic ineligibility for life from both public service and any kind of public aid.  And then before they are sent to prison they should have every penny and piece of property that they own confiscated and given to The People.  And any money or property owned by their friends or relatives that can be traced to their criminal activity should be confiscated and given to The People as well.

I understand that this probably seems harsh and extreme to some people.  And it IS harsh and extreme.  But treason (and that IS what they do) is extreme too.  Too many people consider this kind of thing “just politics”.  That’s incredibly sad.  It’s also incredibly insulting to all of We The People – as well as a slap in the face to the law and the military.  If a soldier violates their oath and deserts, they go to jail.  Why should the penalty be less for a public servant who decides to violate their oath for money?

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