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I acquired and then purchased the domain in the early 1990s.  Partly this was just as a personal slam and to register my contempt for companies I thought were simply malicious blood-suckers.  Such as the pre-Windows monster that Micro$oft was.  Their Operating System was named DOS – so my domain was notDOS – and as an added bonus I got the email address

In recent years I let the website go.  I decided the other day to revive and re-invent it.  Now it’s a blog site:  a site where I can publish blogs and photo galleries – and it’s a forum site where people should feel free to write whatever the hell they want.  There’s NO censoring crap here.  It doesn’t matter what anyone (including me) thinks of what they write.  Just remember, the no censoring rule applies to what anyone else comments about what YOU write.  🙂

Have fun!

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